Our favorite Mexican in history, Frida Kahlo. No Mexico City stay of ours is complete without a visit to Frida’s house, Casa Azul. And, obviously, we’re not alone. Fortunately, we bought tickets in advance.

When trying to teach a young girl to be strong, smart, independent, unique, creative, and self-confident, there is no better example. Ouest loves Frida.

There is simply no better tortilla than a blue corn tortilla. You can throw absolutely anything inside one of those and it’ll taste fantastic.

Diego Rivera was a huge collector of Aztec artifacts. He built a huge monument/castle/tomb/pyramid/I-don’t-know-what-it-is structure to house it all. It’s way out in the middle of some residential neighborhood, completely out of place. Walking around in there, as well as Casa Azul, made me wonder if a single day went by in Diego and Frida’s life together that they didn’t buy some piece of art.

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2 Comments on “Frida”

  1. Hi Pat. I love the blog – the writing, the personalities, the narrative, the pictures, the whole sensibility. But I’m commenting about WF. I (think I) want to learn how to trade, but am very … unprepared. And scared. I don’t know if I’ll like it or be good at it. (I was brought up to ignore money, and so my ignorance of markets and trading is sub-zero.) Also I’m a public school teacher. These factors combined makes the $500 or so — which I am sure is probably a steal — a large hurdle for me. SO, to finally get to my point, have you by any chance considered a way to bring in more entry-level, scardy-cat people like me? Something at a lower price tag, but that would still be profitable and worthwhile for you, and moreover that might be a gateway for people like me later signing up for the whole enchilada? Just a thought. 🙂 – Lissa

  2. OK. That does it. I’m putting together a “Ouest por La Presdentia de Mexico” Campaign Committee. Lowe can be her official abogado. Save the photo of Ouest in Frida’s house, it will make a nice campaign poster.

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