Detour for Patricia


It’s time to get back to the beach. Our plan was to leave Teotihuacan today and begin heading towards the coast. Hurricane Patricia had other plans. So we headed a bit north and decided to visit San Miguel de Allende again. There are certainly worse things.

Hot air balloons filled the sky over the Teotihaucan pyramids when we left.


For the tree huggers.


Ali snapped this picture. Paper maps, third-grade level penmanship, and yes, that is a roll of bailing wire. Just in case you ever thought I was joking about the importance of bailing wire. This morning it came in handy when one of the kids locked the bathroom door—again. I slipped the bailing wire through and around the metal thing-a-ma-job that goes in and out when you turn the door handle, then slowly pull the bailing wire until it pops the door open. Bailing Wire Tip #378.


This was actually one of the most stressful drives I can remember in Mexico. It’s a heavily truck-trafficked highway to begin with, but on top of that were thousands of motorcycles. Looks like they were all headed for a rally in Queretaro this weekend. So apart from knowing that I always had to triple check to make sure there was no bikes coming up fast before I switched lanes, there was the fact that at least a third of them broke down at one point or another and were huddled all over the shoulders.

These guys were just on their way to pick up two more friends before heading to the rally.


We love nature and all, but for our kids nothing beats a nice slab of concrete for a campground. Bikes, skateboards, and scooters all get heavy rotation.

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Such a boy thing to do.


San Miguel de Allende is such a photogenic town. The buildings are all colorful and beautiful, and despite the place being reported as gringo central, you really don’t see much besides locals on the streets. We walked around for hours, not really doing much of anything in particular.


Day of the Dead is right around the corner. Candy sugar skulls are on display everywhere.


The kids picking out two of those pencil shaped balloons for us to blow up at home. Thirty pesos each—they lasted roughly thirty seconds each.


All weekend long in San Miguel they keep the weddings going.


These four were waiting for the valet to bring their car, and they seemed really happy to be doing so. Seeing these weddings in action is often the only time we see Mexico’s upper class up close.


You never have to look very far to find the opposite end of the spectrum.



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  1. Lowe investigating the anatomically correctness of the doll . . . Wonderful! These are ALL great pictures too. I have bailing wire in my mobile tool kit along with garage door hanger strips. I’m sure you’ve used it too. Perfect for holding parts on a vehicle a little more permanently than bailing wire.

  2. Where are you guys planning to beach? Maybe after all these years I can finally meet you in person and thank you for the inspiration to move to Mexico. I would offer to buy pizzas, but since I haven’t found any decent ones here tacos and beer would probably be best.

    1. We’ll be bouncing around between PV and Mazatlan for a couple of months. Unfortunately you’re right, there isn’t a really good pizza between the two.

  3. Oh, man, those are our tamale go to folks…. 8 peso tamales…. next time you have to get tacos down on the Ancha on the road to the Rosewood.
    Always fun to see a boda in progress.
    Saw your rig yesterday while my kids and I were doing a Zombie mud run…… I didn’t see any of you around.
    Have fun at the beach!
    Right behind you but to Manzanillo, instead.

    1. Pat
      10.25.2015 at 1:49 pm

      Thank you, Sherry. We’ve got a Patreon site set up now. It’s on the home page. If you’d like to make a one time donation, you can always send it via Paypal to

  4. Glad Patricia didn’t ruin your day.

    We have had a very quiet hurricane season on the east coast. Viva El Niño! It looks like a nice extended cruising season for the Caribbean. Like us, lots of boats are poised to cross the gulf stream for the journey south.

    Mark & Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  5. I appreciate EVERYTHING you post, so beautiful and interesting. I even hate to mention it, but is there anyway you can move the Comments link to the bottom of the post like it was?

    1. Hey, Arlie, no problem. If you click the picture for the new post on the home page it’ll take you right to the post with the comments already at the bottom. If you click the BLOG button to get to the post there will be a list of numbers for you to navigate to more posts and you’ll have to click the COMMENTS button at the top of the post to get those to come up. I’m sure there is a better way, but I’m not sure I’ll be figuring that out any time soon.

  6. I love how those trees are trimmed and shaped, especially the one that allows room for the bus. Very cool!

  7. I am glad you are back in Mexico! Love the pictures. I notice you seem to like the Pacific side of Mexico. Just wondering, Is there a reason other than the surf is better?
    PS: My son cam e home yesterday and said he wanted to be a cowboy, and not spider man for Halloween. Completely out of the blue. I do not know if he has ever seen a cowboy, except maybe his cousins. Wouldn´t it be nice to know what is going on in there minds.

  8. I love the photo of Lowe looking up the dress. I absolutely love having a little girl, but I’ll always wonder what it would’ve been like to have a boy, a mysterious (to me, anyway) little boy. I used to think that, regardless of gender, all little kids were alike. Now I know that’s not so. They are definitely some inborn differences beyond anatomy. You’re lucky to have one of each!

    1. I used to think that too. Now I see them in action and I realize that there truly are some fundamental, inborn, differences between boys and girls. Their minds are just wired differently. Lowe smashes toys, hits trees with sticks, and just generally does everything more rough. The same things never even cross Ouest’s mind. Just like playing quietly, just rolling a toy car along for the joy of watching it move from point A to point B would never cross Lowe’s mind. He would need that car to speed and crash. 🙂

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