San Miguel de Allende


We left Teotihuacan and drove north to San Miguel for a few days. SMA is a ridiculously photogenic city—colorful people, colorful buildings, and an iconic church with a plaza out front that sucks everybody in. The lady running this machine saw the kids watching and quickly rolled a couple tortillas … Read More

Detour for Patricia


It’s time to get back to the beach. Our plan was to leave Teotihuacan today and begin heading towards the coast. Hurricane Patricia had other plans. So we headed a bit north and decided to visit San Miguel de Allende again. There are certainly worse things. Hot air balloons filled … Read More

Ten Tacos, Please


From Guanajuato we backtracked and spent a few more days bumming around San Miguel. It’s the kind of town you can get to know really quickly. There are only a handful of streets you walk around as a tourist, and the rest is just sort of wandering the neighborhoods. We enjoyed our … Read More

San Miguel de Allende


Another day in San Miguel de Allende. We visited the toy museum, watched a wedding party emerge from the big church, hung out in the park/playground, and generally just walked slowly and tried to soak it all in. Man, do they ever know how to have a wedding down here. … Read More

Reconsidering San Miguel


We finally dragged ourselves out of Patzcuaro. That was an easy place to spend a couple of weeks. From there we drove north, navigating around Morelia, to a middle of nowhere in particular place. A guy recently opened up an RV park near Cuitzeo, and was happy to have us … Read More