San Miguel de Allende


We left Teotihuacan and drove north to San Miguel for a few days. SMA is a ridiculously photogenic city—colorful people, colorful buildings, and an iconic church with a plaza out front that sucks everybody in.

The lady running this machine saw the kids watching and quickly rolled a couple tortillas up for them. They were delicious, apparently, and the kids are now convinced the lady put salt on them. I think they just tasted great because they were piping hot and fresh, but they insist.

My Wanderer Financial Trading Newsletter has been live since May 8th. In that time we’ve closed out sixteen trades, eleven of them winners with an average gain of 9.5%, one for a scratch, and four losses averaging 3.2%. My style has always been about managing risk in order to make big gains. Total portfolio up over 10% in less than three months—more than double the Dow.

The lady selling these balloons at ten pesos a pop retired as a millionaire after this week. I imagine she also has some sort of deal worked out with the guy who has access to the roof of this building. There must be hundreds of balloons up there.


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  1. Food tips:
    Cheesecake at El Petite Four, best we ever had
    Jicama tacos con camarones at La Azotea. Divine
    Ginger margaritas at La Sirena Gorda. So good!


  2. Have you been to the botanical gardens above Los Balcones. It is lovely there, one of my favorites spots.
    Also the Baja Fish Taco place has a nice rooftop where we spent a lot of time in the three months we spent there. Cheap and cheerful. Are you staying at San Ramon?

  3. I think we were there for less than 24 hrs. and my daughter was sporting a “corona” of flowers. What’s your secret?

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