Shroud Cay


It’s fun when the kids get old enough that you can throw a ball as hard as you can at them and they laugh about it.

Shroud Cay explorations up the tidal creeks.

Seeing if they could sink in the quicksand.

This is the winch cable that lifts the dinghy up onto the boat. I knew it was in crappy shape, but didn’t expect it to blow out. Fortunately, before we left Florida we picked up some Dyneema line to replace it with. Sometimes (most of the time) it takes a good solid reason to get up and knock a project off the to-do list—this was a pretty good one.

Lowe helping me out with the winch.

What a difference it makes having smooth rope to hold onto instead of fraying metal wire.

The Bahamas color palette.

In addition to normal everyday fairies—yes, with presents and a table for four—we had the Tooth Fairy visit. Not one night, not two nights, but three nights in a row. That has to be some sort of record. Lowe lost the first one, and Ouest followed with two of her own. Lowe got Bahamian dollars the first night and Ouest was excited to get some too. Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy was at anchor on a deserted island and didn’t have any more Bahamian cash available.

You know you’re a cruiser when…


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    1. Chuck, he wanted to shave his head that time, don’t blame the stylist! And this stylist prefers kitchen shears. 😉

  1. Congratulations on becoming grandparents. Lowe seems pretty young to be a Dad, but he’s got a beautiful baby. (Yes, we look at ALL of your pictures!).

    Beautiful shots from the Bahamas. Thanks for taking me there vicariously, if for only a few minutes.

    1. In Florida someone said, “what a beautiful grandchild you have.” And at first I thought she thought I was the Grandma to Lowe and Ouest – until she laughed (probably after seeing my expression change so quickly) and pointed out Lowe holding his baby. The doll is about the only thing Lowe doesn’t throw around and smash.

  2. Thank you for sharing your travels. These last few posts have been most interesting to us. My wife, youngest daughter, and I will be retracing your path in just 10 days. Chartering a cat out of Nassau. Hope we don’t get stuck there like you guys did,
    as we only have 1 week. I keep telling my daughter this a recon mission to see if this lifestyle is for us. We may just stay down there.

    1. Oh no, the winds ARE coming/here, and lasting until Thursday. And I cannot imagine a one-week charter will be all fun, so don’t put all the pressure on deciding if this works for you. The lifestyle takes months to see if you really enjoy/can do it, especially as a family. Good luck, and if we can help in anyway let us know!

    1. Have you ever known a single cruiser that claims not to miss Mexico? You only have to walk into a Bahamas grocery store with zero fruit, empty shelves, and $65/case beer, to start pining for “the good ol’ days.” 🙂

  3. Love the pix of that beautiful water. How can that not make you want to be down there on a boat? It would be hard to move on from such a beautiful spot. I bought my grandkids the manga tiles after reading your blog. They LOVE them. Other grandparents bought additional sets and they are in use every day.

    1. So happy you got the MagnaTiles. They are a great invention. After all these years, ours are still with us and used daily. And cannot beat the water here in the Bahamas.

  4. fast forward 16 years….what incredible young adults you will have…. with wonderfully diverse perspectives. cruiser kids just have that special vantage point. well done! go get’m tiger(s)(esses)!

  5. I’d like to see just how long it would take me to tire of that Bahamas color palate. And now I want to know what’s in the presents for the fairies. 😉

    1. Never of the clear water or color palate, but the prices and lack of fruit/vegs… Ouest made the fairies capes out of fabric as it had been so windy, to help them fly.

      1. You are to be commended for raising such wonderfully imaginative, creative children. Thank you for sharing a little of their imaginative insight by always answering the fairy questions of a 63 year old! 😉 I’ve temporarily had my own wings clipped due to an elderly parent, so a little shared fairy magic is always appreciated.

  6. Just thinking, outside the usual observations and comments…. There were three in a row, right after Miss Ali on the bluff, with extreme curvature added to the distant plane. Is this to suggest that it exists, even though it can’t be scientifically proven or mathematically demonstrated? Or, just a special effects photo for creative value? Either way, your photos are wonderful.

  7. We loved Shroud Cay and called it “Magical”. We only drew 4 feet so we anchored on the other side up real close for a couple of days and dinghed to the other side for our picnic and play time. It really is an incredible spot! Thanks for letting me go again with you!

    1. We draw 4′ 2″, but spent most of our time there simply trying to hide from the crazy winds we’ve had all month.

      1. We were stuck on our boats for about a week (maybe 2 weeks?) at Georgetown because of winds. So glad we had a watermaker. WOW – waiting on weather! Eleven years later we still use that term! Enjoy! I am loving your trip!

  8. Oh yeah, throwing things at kids is fun no matter what age. My husband would shoot at ours with sling shots. My Dad didn’t throw stuff, he did however take out his lariat rope and tell us to take off running and he’d ‘heel’ us to the ground, he was a Cowboy.

    1. That is great! Our kids love rough-housing, getting picked up and tossed into the water, and stuff thrown at them. A lasso would be a good one!

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