So This Happened

So, one day in Mexico City, a couple of weeks back, Ali and I started talking about what we wanted to do this next year. We had been planning on traveling around the Southwestern U.S., and popping down into Baja for a few months. But honestly, neither one of us was super amped by the plan. And if we’re not excited about it, then what is the point? The kids aren’t getting any younger. We’ve only got so many years to give them the experiences we want to give them.

By the end of a couple of hours of back and forth, we knew it was time to pivot sharply. We always have some loose plan of the future in mind—constantly in flux, but still there tingling in the back of the brain. A boat had been about a year away on that plan. But now, with no pressing short-term plans in place, the idea of having a home on the water seemed like the obvious option. And with that decided, it was time to move on to the boat search.

We’ve known for a while now that we didn’t really want a sailboat the next time around. We don’t have any 2,000 mile crossings in mind for the next few years, which makes having sails on our boat redundant. As far back as when Ali was pregnant with Ouest, we had been looking at the 42′ Grand Banks trawlers (well, we looked at one crappy one in Mazatlan). Again, last year right before buying the Airstream, we looked at one up in Maryland (filthy engine room did that in). So, after bopping around for a couple days on the internet we found a good looking GB42 in Florida.

I booked a flight, flew out of Mexico City solo, climbed around the boat, marveled at the incredible engine room where I decided I would be taking my meals in the future, absorbed the beauty of the interior wood, checked out the huge bedroom the kids would get to take over, and knew that was it. Another one-day boat search was over. I shot some videos, took some pics, and flew back to Mexico City to talk it over with Ali. The next day we made a deal.

So, that’s that. We’re headed to Florida soon, where the next adventure begins. Don’t know exactly what that will be yet, but this boat will easily handle the few things we’d like to do with it—Bahamas, Great Loop, the Caribbean Islands, and more.

Unfortunately, we don’t have many pics we feel like sharing just yet. Like all boat owners seem to do when it comes time to sell a boat, they grab their phone, and proceed to snap a bunch of crappy pictures with their garbage lying about all over the place—and then they scratch their heads when it doesn’t sell, or sells for way less than they were asking. Fortunately, it was easy enough for us to see through the mess with this one. We’ll get on it, unleash Ali’s OCD upon it, and start from scratch.

Of course, with the start of a new adventure, the old must come to an end. We have no desire to do the six-months on, six-months off thing, so Apple the Airstream is up for sale. You all know us pretty well by now, so you know that this thing is spotless. And you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t had anything to complain about all year. I guess that’s one of the nice things about Airstream trailers—they are so simple that there is just nothing to go wrong.

Anyway, please go have a look at the Airstream For Sale page, share with all your acquaintances on MySpace, and then mail out a chain-letter to everyone in your family. If you are interested or have any questions, shoot us a note.