This guy turned six. Already. He spent the morning hanging out with his second best buddy. Then made cupcakes with his first best buddy. We tried to keep things similar to our traditional boat/bus birthdays, with balloons and cupcakes, but somehow we weren’t able to keep the pile of gifts … Read More

Lowe’s Lens

The road trip through Lowe’s eyes. Lowe took 450 pictures on the trip. What I realized when going through them was: One, he is shutter happy. Two, he spent a lot of time looking at the back of my head. Three, that three feet off the ground makes for a … Read More

Lowe Rider

Pedaling away on a bike. Remember that sudden sense of freedom? Lowe tasted it today. I had taken Ouest and Lowe for a bike ride around the neighborhood when he asked me if he could try “Da’s bike” again. When we got back to the bus I grabbed the wrench … Read More