Pushing for the Coast

We spent a long few days making our way across the country. It’s a surprisingly long way from Mexico City to the Pacific Coast. After San Miguel we made the short fifty mile hop on over to Guanajuato. From there it was 200 miles to Guadalajara, which has, quite frankly, … Read More


El Santuario de Atotonilco. This is where Hidalgo led his men after their fight for Independence began. From this church they took a banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and fought the Spaniards under this as their flag. The town of Atotonilco is a dusty Mexican town. On Sundays there is … Read More

Detour for Patricia

It’s time to get back to the beach. Our plan was to leave Teotihuacan today and begin heading towards the coast. Hurricane Patricia had other plans. So we headed a bit north and decided to visit San Miguel de Allende again. There are certainly worse things. Hot air balloons filled … Read More

Back to the Bus

That was a lot of travel just to get back to the bus. Probably should have just drove. The bus was just how we left it. I don’t know why we’d ever expect anything different. I don’t think we’ve ever left one of our vehicles/boats that we didn’t come back … Read More

Adiós USA

You know what I’ve always found to be the best predictor of our readiness to return to our “normal” life back in Mexico? The number of photos we take. When the daily photo count drops precipitously it is time to get back on the road. Nothing against Portland, and certainly … Read More


Okay, so obviously we’ve updated the layout of the website a bit. If you are reading this you were smart enough to click the picture on the home page. Congratulations! You are smarter than all of your friends who aren’t reading this right this minute. It’d been three years since … Read More

Seattle Tourists

I’ve said it a million times, but it’s true, that when you live this wandering lifestyle the world gets smaller. Case in point, the other day we got to meet up with our friends from Mali Mish who we last saw in Santa Barbara about a year ago. We also … Read More

Pumpkin Patch

The kids made blueberry muffins with Ali in the morning. The dog got up on the counter when we all left the room and ate the muffins. I shot the dog. We know Halloween is like four weeks away, but that can’t stop us from hitting up the pumpkin patch. Last … Read More

Around Portland

The other day Lowe asked Ouest if she wanted to play photo booth. I’d never heard of this before, but within seconds he was dressing her up in boas and taking her picture. They played this for days, giggling the whole time. The pictures below are theirs, obviously. We’ve been … Read More